Keeping Tabs on the Harvest

With opening weekend behind us; we spent the weekend watching mosquitos and corn/corn and more corn!  The biggest challenge of early season bowhunting is contending with crops.  We had limited interactions with deer over the weekend and we believe that many of our hit list deer were in the corn; and we may have to wait until harvest to hit our best spots in the timber.

One of toughest things an early season bowhunter contends with is a sea of unharvested corn.

One of the best sources of information on the harvest I use during the early season is a free website through National Agricultural Statistics Service through the USDA.  This website updates weekly the current status of crops (Corn, Beans, etc.) as well as weather, fieldwork and other information.  This is a great source of information for those who can’t make it to their farms every week to find out how the harvest is going.  The website and the Minnesota report/forecast are below:

 Check it out @:

Minnesota Forecast:

 “The first reports of corn and soybean harvest have arrived, though wet

conditions continue to delay fieldwork, according to the USDA, NASS,

Minnesota Field Office.  As of September 19, corn was 1 percent

harvested, compared to 0 percent last year and 2 percent for the five-

year average. Corn silage harvest advanced to 83 percent, compared to 36

percent last year and 64 percent average.  Soybeans were 3 percent

harvested, compared to 1 percent last year and 4 percent average.  Other

harvest progress included potatoes at 50 percent, sweet corn at 92

percent, dry beans at 52 percent, and sugarbeets at 13 percent harvested,

all ahead of their respective averages.  A few producers reported that

wet conditions prevented the harvest of mature crops.

Temperatures for the week were unseasonably cool.  The statewide average

temperature was 3.5 degrees below normal, with some areas reporting a low

of 30 degrees.  Precipitation remains above normal for most reporting

stations.  Thunderstorms, along with some hail, lightning, and high

winds, prevailed Thursday.  Weekly precipitation was greatest in the

Central region with 1.3 inches above normal.  Statewide topsoil moisture

supplies were rated 59 percent adequate and 40 percent surplus, the

highest surplus rating so far this year.  Statewide 3.2 days were rated

suitable for fieldwork.

Crop Progress Table – September 19, 2010     

               Stage of                This   Last   Last    5 Yr

 Crop          Development             Week   Week   Year    Avg

                                                Percent      ___

Corn           Dent                      98     94     73     92

Corn           Mature                    49     28      4     37

Corn           Harvested                  1      0      0      2

Corn Silage    Harvested                 83     64     36     64

Soybeans       Turning Yellow            95     79     82     91

Soybeans       Shedding Leaves           68     37     44     63

Soybeans       Mature                    25      6      9     25

Soybeans       Harvested                  3     NA      1      4

Potatoes       Harvested                 50     34     35     47

Sweet Corn     Harvested                 92     83     82     88

Dry Beans      Dropping Leaves           93     75     NA     NA

Dry Beans      Harvested                 52     27     23     41

Sugarbeets     Harvested                 13      9      7      7


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  1. Neal McCullough says:

    I hope this rain doesn't slow down the harvest!

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  3. Kyle Jones says:

    Good documentary Cody! I hope yall get a big one this year.

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