Ozonics: Scent Control and Scent Elimination

INTRODUCING ELECTRONIC SCENT CONTROL FROM OZONICS. No other scent control system for hunting comes close to Ozonics revolutionary technology for odor elimination. Ozonics’ field tested O3 Ozone technology effectively eliminates odors in the air between the hunter and prey from your stand or blind. It’s also effective at eliminating odors from hunting garments and equipment prior to a hunt. This means more opportunities for big game on every trip to the field.

O3 OZONE CURTAIN EFFECT virtually eliminates all windblown odors between the hunter and the prey.  An Ozonics device produces ozone, a naturally occurring cleansing agent found in the earth’s atmosphere, to effectively remove human scent from the body, clothing and equipment of a hunter or sportsman. It also removes odors (natural and bacteria derived) in the air emitted from an individual’s skin and mouth. The HR 200/150 can be easily transported by a hunter/sportsman, or can be placed near a hunter for hunting in a blind or tree stand.

WHY USE OZONE?Ozone is a safe, but powerful oxidizing agent, that can sanitize biological products and kill bacteria. Ozone has 150 percent of the oxidizing potential of chlorine and twice the oxidizing potential of bromine. Unlike the dangers associated with chlorine and bromine, ozone is a safe, naturally occurring compound that can be recognized as the sweet, fresh smell after a rain shower.  Ozone is present in the earth’s atmosphere to purify the air we breathe. However, it has also been used in other capacities, including:• Purifying a large amount of our nation’s drinking water. • Bacteria removal and operating room sterilization in hospitals. • Smoke and mold removal from fire damaged buildings. 1.    •Air purification in some of the nation’s best hotels, restaurants and health-conscious homes to remove pollen and dust. 2.    •With the HR 200/150, ozone is now available to hunters for a more enjoyable and productive hunt.

WHAT MAKES OZONICS DIFFERENT FROM OTHER HUNTING SCENT CONTROL METHODS?  When was the last time your present scent control method allowed you to get within 3 feet downwind of the game?  Ozonics products are the only products produced in the world that does this by eliminating all airborne human and equipment odors by just turning the device on. This device will change the way hunting is done today and allow hunters to see and harvest animals they never thought were attainable before.

ARE SOUND HUNTING PRACTICES LIKE USING PROPER CAMOUFLAGE STILL NEEDED?  HR 200/150 does not impact an animal’s ability to see or hear the hunter. Therefore, Ozonics recommends that hunters remain quiet and use proper camouflage when hunting game.

CAN AN OZONICS PRODUCT HAVE OTHER USES BEYOND HUNTING?  Yes. Sportsmen, including individuals involved in camping, hiking and wildlife photography, as well as fishermen may also find this product useful.

IS OZONICS A SAFE METHOD OF SCENT CONTROL?  Yes. Ozone used in proper amounts is a very safe method to effectively eliminate odor.

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