Leupold Vendetta- The Only Bow Mounted Rangefinder

When hunting mature whitetails, we as bowhunters rely heavily on gear that can increase our odds of tagging a mature buck.  Well, how about a product that reduces movement on stand while doubling as a range finder?  Enter the Leupold Vendetta.  The Leupold Vendetta mounts easily on your bow while effectively ranging targets between 10 and 70 yards. 





Don’t compromise your hunt.  Range at full draw and be ready to release with the Leupold Vendetta.  Lightweight, compact and mounted directly on your bow, the Vendetta delivers precise ranges at the push of a button.  Make getting busted by deer a thing of the past with the all new Leupold Vendetta.  Stealthy.  Accurate.  Deadly.


Follow this link to watch a full video review of the Leupold Vendetta.


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