The Oxy Elim-A-Scent Micro Aggressor

By John MuellerSeptember 7, 20104 Comments

LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

While being new to the hunting industry oxygen generators are quickly becoming the most talked about items in scent elimination. They have been used in smoke and fire damaged buildings for years to eliminate the leftover odors of fires. And to eliminate mold and mildew in homes. In the past couple of years they have been introduced to the hunting community to eliminate scent on your clothing or to take with you to the stand and create a cloud of pure oxygen.

I had the opportunity to test the Oxy Elim-A-Scent Micro Agrressor. This is a small oxygen generator designed to be used in containers used to store hunting clothes or to take in a ground blind while hunting from it. I am usually pretty skeptical when it comes to the so called latest hunting gadgets. So I put the little generator to a series of my own tests. I was pleasantly surprised with a couple of test results and dissapointed with others. Here are my test results.

One of the claims of the manufacturer is it will eliminate bacteria and odors from hunting clothes. Well I have a very large collection of camo caps. Many of them have sweated in quite heavily and have a bit of an odor to them, if you know what I mean. I figured this would be a great test in bacteria and scent elimination. I put the unit in a sealed plastic bag with 3 caps that definately needed some odors killed. I left the bag closed with the oxy generator running on low for 24 hours. When I opened the bag there was a noticable bleachy sort of smell. That is supposed to be a normal by product of the unit. After taking the caps out of the bag they too smelled bleachy. I let them air out for and hour and gave them the smell test. While they still had some of the sweaty smell to them, I can say that it was not as strong as before beong in the bag. I didn’t put them back in to see if any more odor would be removed, I figured 24 hours would pretty much saturate them and do whatever it could to clean them up.

Since the original use of these things were to remove smoke from homes with fire damage, I tested its smoke eliminating effectiveness. I saturated a paper towel with campfire smoke. Then I placed the paper towel in a plastic bag with the unit for 24 hours. When I opened up the bag the next day I again immediately noticed the bleach smell. I let the paper towel air out for an hour and did the smell test. I was actually amazed, there was no smoke smell at all. It seems it does a great job on smoke odors. It may have helped that these odors had not been soaking into the towel for a long period, but they were definately gone.

My next test was to put the unit into a rubber hunting boot that had been used for a couple of years. This might be a little bit of an exterme test, but it says it kills bacteria that create odors and kills the odors, so why not push the limits. I set the unit in the bottom of the boot and rubber banded a plastic bag over the top. The next day when I opened up the boot there was that familiar bleach smell. I set the boot outside to air out. After about an hour I gave it the smell test. Honestly, I can’t say there was much of a differance from before the test. I don’t think this unit is powerfull enough to take on stinky boots.

My final test was to see if this small unit could deodorize a ground blind as claimed. I set my blind up in the back yard and placed the unit inside on high power. I had placed an earth scent wafer in the blind when I ste it up and left it there for a while so there would be some sort of smell in the blind before I placed the generator in it. After a couple of hours I unzipped the blind and entered it. I could smell the bleach odor but no earth scent. After an hour I again entered the blind and there was no trace of the earth scent to be detected. No real way to tell if it disappeared on its own or if the generator took care of it, but it was gone.

The unit I tested runs off of 4 AA batteries. They reportedly will last up to 30 days on low power and 24 hours on high power. Low power is reccomended for small containers or duffel bags and small closets. High power is reccommended for inside ground blinds and vehicles. There is also an optional 12 volt converter for operating in vehicles and a 120 volt converter for home use.

I’m still 100% sold on this new technology for eliminating all odors, but during my testing it did perform as advertised on some odors in certain situations. I guess its like most other scent eliminating products. Being clean to start with and paying attention the wind direction is the best defense. This may just be one more option when it comes to scent elimination.

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John Mueller
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