Gorilla Exo-Tech Safety Harness Review

By Cody AltizerJune 25, 20102 Comments

LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

  As a youngster, my father effectively and understandably, drilled into my head the importance of safety while hunting.  Now, as I have grown older, safety is still my first priority when I go afield.  Furthermore, my first priority when bow hunting whitetails has always been tree stand safety.  Hunting from an elevated position is always a risk that should be taken seriously, and it’s important that you not only wear a safety harness every hunt, but wear one you trust. 


This fall, I’ll be wearing the new Exo-Tech Safety Harness by Gorilla Treestands.  An easily accessible harness, the Exo-Tech offers a wide array of features that can both increase your bowhunting effectiveness, but more importantly, keep you safe. 

  I found the Exo-Tech to be extremely easy and quiet to put on.  With quick connect buckles; it takes less than two minutes to put on out of the box.  This may seem to be a relatively unimportant feature, but many of today’s bow hunters have adopted the “run and gun” approach, and quickly assembling your safety harness can shave important minutes off hanging a new set.

  Another time saving feature offered by the Exo-Tech is the attached storage pocket for the lineman’s strap.  With my old safety harness, I had to manually attach and detach the lineman’s strap from my harness which was time consuming, and often times frustrating once I got in the stand.  The storage pocket always keeps the lineman’s strap attached to the harness enabling you to hang new sets more quickly; however, it keeps you better organized while hanging a new set or while on stand, which leads to a safer hunt.

  The feature that I found the most beneficial was the 30” long tether.  In the past, I became easily aggravated by the short tethers that greatly limited my shooting window.  As a right handed shooter, I had to hang stands in accordance with a diminished shooting window to ensure that should I have a shot opportunity, it be presented to my right.  The Exo-Tech now provides me with a nearly 360 degree shooting window.  This keeps me more versatile when hanging stands because I am now able to effectively and comfortably shoot in all directions. 

  What good are these features should you fall, you ask?  Well many of them will provide little assistance should you experience a fall, however, the Exo-Tech is more than capable of saving your life.  The 30” long tether, along with the padded shoulder and leg straps, combine to reduce shock by almost 50%.  This is by far the most valuable feature of the safety harness: keeping you alive!

  Safety should be the number one priority of all hunters, whether you bow hunt, gun hunt or take to the woods with a spear.  I recommend the Exo-Tech safety harness not only because of its useful features while on stand, but mainly because it allows you to hunt safely.


If you’re interested in purchasing the Exo-Tech Safety Harness, click here to learn more,


Cody Altizer
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