Gold Tip Velocity Pro Arrow Shaft Review

Being a long time Gold Tip shooter, I was anxious to get ahold of their new hunting shafts for 2010.  These new Velocity Pro arrows are designed to be a lighter weight hunting arrow highlighted with their brand new light weight components, all while maintaing Gold Tip’s standard of “The toughest arrow you’ll ever shoot”. 

In my experiences over the years, their slogan has been very true.  I have never been disappointed in any Gold Tip purchase I have made. I truely have abused my share of their shafts in the field as well as the 3D range and they have always held up far beyond my expectations.

The arrows I am shooting are the Velocity Pro 400 shafts cut to 28 inches with 125 grain heads and Duravane Fusion vanes.  This light weight shaft and component setup allows me to shoot with 125 grain heads increasing my arrows FOC while still maintaning an arrow weight I like to shoot out of my 60 pound bows.  This arrow setup weights aprox. 370 grains while giving me a solid 15% FOC which allows my hunting arrows tipped with Grizz Trick broadheads to trek perfectly enroute to their destination.

 I am very pleased with the Velocity shafts thus far.

 This is my first group of the day shooting from 27 yards with my 60# BowTech Destroyer 340 bow.  Precise groups at over 300 FPS!

Available Shaft spines and tolerances:

  • Velocity Pro (.001” straightness +/- 0.5 grains dz.)
  • Velocity XT (.003” straightness, +/- 2 grains dz.)
  • Velocity Hunter (.006” straightness, +/- 2 grains dz.)
  • *All shafts available in three spine sizes. 300, 400, 500.


  1. nice review Scott!!

  2. I just picked up a 1/2 dozen yesterday, just noticed there was a review on here…looks like I'll be happy with my choice.

    Good luck with them this fall.

  3. Justin Zarr says:

    I've got a dozen of these shafts on order myself. Much like Scott I'm looking at a lighter shaft with a 125 grain broadhead to increase my FOC. Hopefully I'll be shooting them at the GTG this weekend so we'll see how that goes!

  4. Picked up the Velocity Hunter 400's cut down for a 27" draw length with the Duravane Blazers. Thus far have been happy with the arrows. They appear to be faster and get deeper penetration than the GoldTIp Expedition shafts I have previously owned. Fast, accurate, and durable. Great new shaft!

  5. Kind of nice not working at an archery shop any more. I can shoot what I want! I'll be ordering a dozen of these myself next week.


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