Elk Hunters; Montana Decoy’s Present “Miss September”.

By Hunting NetworkJune 14, 2010

LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

Elk hunters headed out to tag a bull this year may want to take a closer look at Montana Decoy’s newest creation. Think Megan Fox looking the other way while eating; this is what an Elk would envision!

Montana Decoy Presents Miss September!

Feeding poses have been proven effective during any phase of the hunting season and the all new Miss September Elk Decoy from Montana Decoy combines that potent pose with HD photography.

“A herd bull might try to add a lone cow to his harem during the rut or it might be a confidence decoy in the late season after the rut has passed,” said Jerry McPherson, owner Montana Decoys. “Either way, using a realistic decoy can mean the difference between success and failure.”

The ultra realistic HD photography on Montana Decoy’s Miss September easily fools even the sharpest elk in the herd. Simple twist-and-stake set up is a hallmark of all Montana Decoys and the new Miss September is no exception. The light weight construction means it can go with you no matter if you’re hunting near the road or backpacking in the wilderness.


Miss September stands 41 inches tall set up and weighs in at a mere 42oz. Meaning it will go unnoticed in your elk pack until you need it. Suggested retail for the Miss September is $99.95 and will be on dealer shelves in plenty of time for fall 2010.

Visit the Montana Decoy website or call 888-332-6998 for a full list of decoys, tips and where to find a dealer near you.

About Montana Decoy

Created in 1996 by Jerry McPherson, Montana Decoy got its start from an average hunter trying to improve his bowhunting success. Tormented by an uncooperative bull elk, McPherson returned to his truck, thinking about how he could design a packable decoy without adding bulk and weight. McPherson got inspiration from folding band saw blades. He utilized the same twist-and-fold concept to hold open the decoy image.

Montana Decoy offers turkey, elk, whitetail, mule deer, antelope and predator options along with a Moo Cow confidence decoy. All share the same ease of use, light weight and ultra realistic HD photography.

Check out Bowhunting.com’s full list of decoy’s, including those made by Montana click here. Thank you!

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