230″ Buck Poached in Nebraska

A friend of mine is mounting the antlers of a 230″ gross buck for the Nebraska Game and Fish Dept. The buck was found poached last fall after someone heard shots after dark and reported it to authorities. A stakeout was set up on the kill site and the culprits were caught later that night when they came back to collect the buck.

The right side of the buck’s rack is a very typical 6 point side. The left side is anything but typical with points sticking out in all directions. The whole rack is very massive throughout, even the points are thick. The buck will not end up with a very high net score because of the fact he doesn’t have a symetrical typical frame. However, there is over 230″ of bone on this buck’s head. In my opinion the scoring system needs to be amended to give this buck and others like it credit for what it grew.  What do you think?


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