NAP QuikTune Sizzor-REVIEW.

Read below to catch our latest product review from an "average Joe" hunter, just like you and I.

Hi, I’m Tony Fraley, a Wisconsin state bowhunter with a great love and admiration of the outdoors. Recently I had some trouble with fletching clearance on my bow’s rest. A friend recommended trying an NAP rest. I took his advice and since then, the NAP QuikTune Sizzor has never left my bow.

The QuikTune Sizzor has an ELS Easy Load System which allows you to just close the launcher arms, insert your arrow from the side, and GO! The bow can be let down without triggering the rest and it has very easy independent vertical and horizontal adjustments.? Upon arrow release, the QuikTune Sizzor opens wide to allow your arrow to pass through with zero fletching contact for optimal arrow flight.

After having this rest on my Limbsaver DZ32 for a year all I can say is that I have not had any issues. It’s easily one of the quietest rests I have ever used and my shooting has never been better.

If you are having the any fletching clearance issues with your current rest, then give this rest a try! When they say total fletching clearance they mean it. As a bonus, NAP Archery has a top notch customer service! If you have any issues they will work with you until resolved. Thanks NAP!

To take a closer look or to purchase NAP’s QuikTune Sizzor, please click here.

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