Predator TrailEye IR

By Hunting NetworkJanuary 14, 2010

LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

Over the years trailcams have rapidly grown in popularity and have become an obsession among hunters. Because of this infatuation we have developed a camera based on the features, quality, and performance you have desired for so long, the TrailEye IR.

The all-new TrailEye IR is testament to a simple, dependable, and affordable camera that balances the most optimal features of picture clarity, trigger speed, battery life, and NEW Dragon IR Technology gthat reaches out to 40ft! Think of it as your scouting insurance policy and never leave camp without it.

Dragon IR Technology is more efficient than traditional infrared used by our competitors. This means exceptional nighttime images and videos, improved infrared range, and extended battery life. More importantly Dragon IR Technology is a “True” infrared design making it nearly impossible to detect!

The TrialEye IR is the best trail camera in its class.

  • Hypersonic 3/4 second trigger speed
  • Video with sound VGA 640×480
  • One touch set-up, it’s that simple!
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