Predator Informer

Quietly climbing into your stand on a cool, crisp autumn morning you hear a soft grunt off in the distance. Luckily, you have silently tracked this behemoth day and night for the past year with your new sidekick, the Informer.

The all-new, Informer is built on one core principle, affordable performance. This sturdy feature packed camera has the same great features as its bigger brother including NEW Dragon IR Technology that reaches out to 50ft!

Dragon IR Technology is more efficient than traditional infrared used by our competitors. This means exceptional nighttime images and videos, improved infrared range, and extended battery life. More importantly Dragon IR Technology is a “True” infrared design making it nearly impossible to detect!

Wrap all those features together into a case that is guaranteed for life and you have just found your new favorite hunting buddy.

  • Hypersonic 1/3 second trigger speed
  • Video with sound VGA 640×480
  • USB file transfer
  • One touch set-up, it’s that simple!

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