TightSpot Quiver

  • Ultra-tough “hood” is virtually unbreakable!
  • Extra deep hood keeps broadheads covered; new Phantom foam insert is designed so expandables won’t open in your quiver
  • Maximized distance (18 inches) between hood and grippers for minimized arrow vibration and noise
  • Bumper strip on crossbar kills arrow vibration
  • One-handed quiver removal, adjustment
  • Super-premium wrapped carbon rods offer unsurpassed strength-to-weight ratio, absorb vibration
  • Exclusive (patent pending) ArrowWedge Gripper system allows for individual arrow tightening
  • TightSpot, the quiver that acts as a stabilizer
  • New QuadFit 4-way spacer lets you slide the TightSpot Quiver up against cable guard for another point of contact
  • TightSpot’s TailFan design positions arrows so fletchings won’t vibrate together or make noise
  • Incredibly lightweight and narrow; no need for bulky

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