Whitetail Buck Takes Ride in Bus.

With just a few days left of the 2009 Minnesota deer seasons, it would appear someone might be crying over their laptop tonight. Stop dreaming about the one who got away, because he may not have gotten past the roadway.

On a cold and icy road in late December of 2009, while heading home from a holiday tournament. Members of the Rushford-Peterson High School basketball team got more than they expected when their bus smacked a huge 180-class, 10 point, whitetail!

After the bus hit the huge whitetail, the driver stopped and the several coaches got out, evaluated the damage, and checked on its cause. There was very minimal damage to the bus, and the 280 pound deer lay stone dead, a few feet from the point of impact.

The 10 point buck had a 22-inch spread and was the biggest buck most of the coaches or the boys had ever seen. And for that entire busload of Minnesota basketball players and deer hunters, it seemed like a waste to just leave it by the roadside. So naturally, the buck took a ride home with them. Inside the bus!

Rushford-Peterson High School basketball coach, Tom Vix, was quoted later, "We’re all deer hunters, and to see a deer of that quality, well, it’s a bad way to go. It’s sad that some hunter didn’t have that privilege. And that poor deer made it through bow season, two shotgun seasons, a muzzle-loader season and only had two days left. So that’s kind of tough."

Spoken like a true deer hunter coach! Bowhunting.Com congratulates the Rushford-Peterson high school team on their big buck recovery. We would have done the same. But we might have bent the truth on how we took it.


  1. wished my high school would have been like that!

  2. We never had racks like that ride the school bus when I was a student.


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