Possible World Record Whitetail Sheds found in New York?

We know it’s a little early to start talking shed antler hunting. After all, some states still have an open deer season. But for New York state hunter, Corey Wiktor, his season is not ending, it’s just beginning!

Check these MONSTER sheds out! Wiktor just recently picked these 2 bones from the current winter wonderland of western New York. Each side estimated near or at 100 inches!

The pictures don't relate the true size of the shed antlers. A few of our staffers here at Bowhunting.Com have an estimated the score of nearly 225"! This estimated scoring includes an 18" spread credit given by us. Although it is likely to have been greater than that!

If our scoring measurement of 215-225" GROSS and around 210-220" NET are accurate, this buck just may be a new world record typical whitetail! It would surpass Milo Hanson's 1993 score of 213 5/8", from Saskatchewan. If taken with a bow, it may crush the archery world typical record Mel Johnson buck from Illinois in 1965 of 204 4/8".

Congratulations to hunter Corey Wiktor on the finds of a lifetime. There is no doubt you will be after this buck come autumn of 2010. Whatever the score! Stay tuned right here at Bowhunting.Com, there could be a NEW world record out of an unlikely place next season. We’ll keep our fingers crossed Corey!


  1. Now I would love to find a set like that, very nice. After all the nice bucks I seen taken out of NY and now this pair of shed antlers it makes me almost want to move to NY.


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