Nothing Goes to Waste in Nature

            Some of you may remember the doe I shot a few weeks back. Here is a link to the video.   Even though I wasn’t able to use the meat it certainly didn’t go to waste. I did however use one of my doe tags and called her in, I felt it was the right thing to do since it was my arrow that killed her. I set up my Moultrie GameSpy I45 trail camera on the carcass to see what would show up.  Lots of critters took advantage of the doe I killed but wasn’t able to find for a couple of days.


            Mother natures best know scavenger, the coyote had a few meals of venison.



            Another well known carrion lover made a few visits to the kill site.



            Even a house cat couldn’t resist a free meal.



            Most people probably don’t realize it, but our Nations Symbol the Bald Eagle also is a bit of a scavenger. On more than one occasion I have seen Bald Eagles sitting on deer carcasses in the middle of fields in winter.

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  1. web development says:

    Thanks for the video…always like to read posts from you.

  2. Nature does have away of taking care of itself. It is a shame that you lost a doe but at least it didn't go to waste.

  3. thesquid says:

    True as can be – I think all of us have been there and of-coarse it not a good feeling to lose an animal but there is no wast in nature.

  4. bath set says:

    natural got it's own blance.


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