214″ Whitetail Bowkill in Illinois

            My taxidermist friend just finished mounting the largest whitetail brought in to his shop so far this season. A 214” gross, 209” net non-typical that looks very typical. This beast is a main frame 10 point with split G-2’s and a small sticker off of one brow tine. The G-2’s are 14” long and the mass measurements contribute a lot of inches to the total score on this buck. What really helps this bucks score is the fact that his typical rack is very symmetrical, there are very few deductions from side to side.


            The monster was killed by a bowhunter to remain nameless in West Central Illinois in early archery season. Congrats on a fine trophy.


  1. Eric Matz says:

    WOW!!, he's got that im gonna kick your ass look! good mount

  2. one word….G I A N T

  3. is that at Rocke's?


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