Monster Mulie Killed in Montana


Montana 2009
Remi Warren MT Typical Mule deer
September 25, 2009

Remi Warren of Conner MT drew one of the premier deer tags in his home state this year and took this great buck on Sept 12th. With an unofficial green score being roughly 214, the early archery kill will rank very high in the overall state rankings. While this buck appears to have great mass and symmetry, preliminary reports have indicated significant deductions, Whether the current state record is in jeopardy of dropping down a spot will be left up to speculation until the 60 day drying period has passed. Remi has indicated he will have the buck measured for B&C in addition to P&Y when the 60 day requirement is met.


  1. web development says:

    Hey thanks again for coming up with another interesting post.Do keep me updated about the buck.

  2. Thomas Ham says:

    oh man! nice!
    look at how thick those antlers are, that's a bruiser for sure! dang!


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