Bucks Locked Up

This was just sent into us and this is all the information that we have…

Mike Herrin a man I have been training lives in northern Calhoun county. That county is deer heaven, I have never seen so many in herds. Anyway he called last night and said that in the little creek in front of his house, 2 deer had been fighting up the hillside and became locked together and ended up going down the hill and into the creek. Mike said that over the years, this is the third pair of deer he has found locked up, although the other 2 were dead when he found them. He and a neighbor were attempting to save one of the deer, both of which were nice trophy deer. They shot one with an arrow (they both have bow permits) and then they tried to separate them and release the other one. In the process Mike got injured when the live deer was bucking around. Mike had bone chips in his wrist and elbow, and got gored twice. They then had no choice but to shoot the second deer. They tried to separate the horns and couldn't. They then skinned out the deer and took the heads to a local taxidermist and they still could not get them apart. Amazing that they could become that entwined. They are having the heads mounted, that should make a very interesting mount. Below is a series of pictures that they took of the ordeal.


  1. Thats freakin' wild. Great pics!

  2. that just sucks…i mean its really cool to see and all, but to take two deer out like that, just kinda stinks…

    But its a great story and gonna be an awesome awesome mount.

  3. man what a shame…. but that is nature i suppose sometimes. hats off to them for trying to get them separated! that takes guts!!!

  4. moosehunter56 says:

    wow…………..probably not the most intelligent this to try and seperate the two bucks with a chain saw……….asking for incredibly big trouble there

  5. Thomas Ham says:

    wow, i've never seen anything quite like that. i know its the law of nature but it's a shame those monsters couldn't have been taken my a bow hunter instead.

  6. Thomas Ham says:

    of course i meant taken by a hunter while actally hunting. what was the dude with the chainsaw going to do when the thing bucked its head and put that chainsaw in the guys face?

  7. 1boomer says:

    something happened like that here in ohio only 1 deer was all ready dead being dragged around by the live 1, the guy ended up getting arrested because he was on probation and wasn't allowed to hunt.My question is "Who gets the mount?"


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