Moultrie I45 Trail Camera Videos

Moultrie I45 Movie Mode


            Over the last week I had my Moultrie I45 set up on a mock scrape I made along the edge of my food plot. I chose this area because last year the bucks had scrapes under every branch that overhung the field edge.


            I got quite a few video clips over the week period, but not of any good bucks working the scrape. Most were at night too, so the IR mode got a good test. I had it set for a 15 second video clip. You can choose 5, 15 or 30 second clips I believe. If I had to do over again I would aim it a little higher. The IR bulbs illuminated the area right in front of the camera, but anything at a slight distance was out of the effective range of the camera.


            The doe in the first video was right at the scrape and the video of her turned out pretty good. You can make out good details of her in the clip. Pretty good quality for a trail camera.


            The next video is of a decent buck that was in the food plot behind the scrape. You can barely make him out in the background, and he is maybe 15 yards from the camera. I believe if I had the camera tilted up more it would have taken a much brighter clip of the buck.



            Over all the video quality was ok, I think some of it was my fault for not aiming the IR bulbs up a little higher on the night time shots. The daylight clips are really pretty high quality.


            One complaint I have on this camera is the battery life. I had the camera out for 3 weeks in the still picture mode and had gotten about 275 pictures. The battery was down to 59%. The one week of video, which I had 58 video clips, and it also adds a still for each clip completely drained the battery life. I’m not sure how much more battery life the video mode uses but this seemed too fast to me. I’m used to getting 5-6 months out of the batteries in my I40.


            Overall I’d give the I45 a 7 out of 10. It has some good points like taking color pictures much later than the I40 and the improved placement of the SD card  but there is room for improvement. Mainly the battery life and some grainy effects in the still picture mode.


If you’d like to try one for yourself, you can order one right here at



  1. John,

    In your opinion, if you did not need the "remote" tools and video would you purchase the I40 or I45?


  2. jmbuckhunter says:

    I like my I-40 just fine. The I-45 takes color pictures in less light but in my opinion that's not too big of a deal for the extra bucks.

    Go with the I-40.

  3. Final Resist4nce says:

    i need a trail cam my old 35 mm is crap


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