Pro-Bow-Cam Camera Arm by Pine Ridge Archery

The Pro-Bow-Cam Camera Arm from Pine Ridge Archery is great for do it yourself filming where you aren’t going to be moving the camera a lot. Lightweight, simple tree attachment, silent movement and ease of adjustability are all neat features of this camera arm.

The base of the Pro-Bow Cam separates from the support arm, making it much easier to attach to the tree. You don’t have to worry about the arm and camera swinging around as you try and attach the unit to the tree. Simply pull the pin holding the two together and strap the base to the tree, then slide the two pieces back together and insert the pin back in the hole and you are ready to film.


Two piece design allows easy attachment to any tree.


The arm itself is made up of three pieces of tubing connected with Teflon washers to insure silent operation. Fully extended there is approximately 26” of movement away from the tree. I like to position mine opposite the hand I hold my bow in and a little above seat height. This allows me to see the viewfinder while sitting or standing and the arm doesn’t interfere with drawing my bow.


 26″ of extension away from the tree.

 The sections of tubing are held together with locknuts on bolts. The locknuts allow you to adjust the tension of the arms movement so it doesn’t keep pivoting out of position. The camera mount also has tension adjustment to allow smooth movement of the head. It can be swiveled left and right and tilted up or down. The movement on this head is not the smoothest on the market when trying to follow a deer or other animal. It is more suited for setting up and catching the action in front of the camera. Ideal for filming yourself without another person along.

Swivel and tilt adjustable head.

If you are looking at just getting started in filming your hunts and want to try it out before you sink a ton of money in it, this is the perfect tree arm. Cheap, but very functional, suited perfect for the Handycam style of camera, not the bigger professional models.


  1. John Mueller says:

    Tony, as long as you can get it tight enough on the tree so the mounting bracket can't tilt. Not sure if that would work with the lone wolf style, but I guess you could try it.

  2. I just read JZ opinion and I am better off with the ratchet style it seems. Thanks John

  3. Justin Zarr says:

    Great review John! The PBC is a great tool for guys who want to film their own hunts. And yes, I do think the ratchet style strap is the best method for securing the base. A little noisey, but the most reliable by far.

    Good luck with it this fall, looking forward to seeing some footage!

  4. John you are the man this is exactly what I am looking for.
    Can I use a different strap is so choose? I dont like the ratchet style and would rather use the lone wolf style straps. T

  5. Final Resist4nce says:

    i seen someone had a riser mounted cam and i was impressed i might look into that seems like it would be easier


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