NEW Energizer Flashlight will Aid Bowhunters this Fall.

You might recognize the name we're about to mention. A company that has been in business for longer than most companies can dream, and with the products and integrity to back it all up. Energizer, makers of some of the most reliable batteries and battery powered equipment on the planet have now spread their wings into our neck of the woods, literally. A light designed for the outdoorsman as a whole, to aid our tracking, to help us when we hunt, and most importantly, to give piece of mind. Read below and decide for yourself, this may be the best investment in flashlights we've ever seen.

Energizer conducted extensive research with industry experts and consumers to get insight on specific outdoor lighting needs. From superior heat management, optimal balance between brightness and runtime and maximum LED performance, the Energizer® Night Strike™ line of lights delivers features and functions that are “musts” for outdoor activities.

Energizer® Night Strike™ Handheld· Bright high performance LED provides up to a remarkable 130 lumens of light  output· Features five lighting modes:· White: Spot, Flood, Spot/Flood Combo· Red: High and Low· White and Red LEDs each have dedicated switches· Advanced magnesium alloy case delivers a strong, lightweight product along with cutting-edge heat management for high performance LED’s· Advanced “next-push-off” technology for each mode· Provides up to a 6 hour runtime on maximum setting using three Energizer®· Ultimate Lithium AA batteries and has a beam distance of 160 meters· Water-resistant· Survives 10’ drop· Comes with removable belt clip

Energizer® Night Strike™ Swivel• Bright high performance LED provides up to 100 lumens of light output• Features 13 lighting modes:· White (high, medium, low)· Green (high, medium, low) for map reading and tracking· Red (high, medium, low) for low-light conditions· Blue (high, medium, low) for blood tracking· UV for fishing in dark conditions· Each lighting mode has a dedicated switch· The White, Green, Red and Blue can be turned on separately or in any  combination· Provides up to up to a 5 hour runtime on maximum setting using two Energizer®  Ultimate Lithium AA batteries· Features DualDrive™ Technology – operates on two AA batteries or a single AA battery if needed                                                                                       · Batteries are always inserted tips-in for easy loading in the field· Waterproof· Advanced dual-polymer casing with soft-side finish for added comfort in the hand· Survives 10’ drop· Head swivels 130 degrees and light stands for hands-free use· Sturdy clip to hang on vest or belt

Energizer® Night Strike™ Compact· • Bright high performance LED provides up to 40 lumens of light output· • Features eight lighting modes:· White (High, Medium, Low)· Red (High, Medium, Low)· Blue· Green· Green locator LED or “Find Me” feature, which can be turned  off if desired· Provides up to a 8 hour runtime on maximum setting using one  Energizer® Ultimate Lithium AA battery· Waterproof· Advanced dual-polymer casing with soft-side finish· Small, compact design easily fits in a pocket· Includes mount for hands-free use· Tethered tail cap· Survives 10’ drop

(Sorry, No Picture for the NightStrike Compact Available at this Time.)

For more information on these new product lines from the Energizer people, please visit their website. Thank us later.



  1. pest control says:

    I got a headlamp from energizer this year works great has (spot,red,flood) all led works great red light is just right for finding my way to stand and others are extremely bright as well, also has a tilt function i love it. Got it at walmart but im sure you can find it elsewhere.

  2. I might just have to check this out myself. Finding a quality flashlight is no easy business.

  3. Will you be carrying this product anytime soon?


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