Hunter Safety System’s Rope Style Tree Strap

            My HSS Rope Style Tree Strap is one of my favorite purchases this year so far. It’s much easier to use than the old strap that came with the vest and allows me to get the right distance away from the tree.


            The rope attachment system is much easier to use than the strap. You simply throw the loop end of the rope around the tree and slide the prussic knot with the carabineer attached through the loop. Slide the prussic knot to your desired position on the rope and connect the carabineer to the strap on your vest. It is much easier to do in the dark, instead of messing around with the strap and threading it through the roller clamp. This system is much quieter too.



Fast, simple, and quiet attachment to the tree.


Carabineer attaches to your HSS Vest

            My favorite advantage of the rope system is its adjustability. I always had a problem of not being able to get far enough away from the tree to suit my 30” draw length. The strap just wasn’t long enough. Now with the rope attachment all I have to do is slide the prussic knot down the rope and I can move as far away from the tree as I need to. This also helps out when the deer comes in from your off side and you have to spin around and draw over or under your strap. Now just slide the knot down and the rope hangs out of the way.


            The design of the prussic knot allows it slide on the rope when moved by hand, but in case of a fall it grips the rope and will not slide, catching the falling hunter.

The prussic knot is what makes the system so adjustable.


            I don’t see this item in the shopping area, but I’m sure if you contact Justin he can get you one. Check out the rest of HSS products here.


  1. Matt Meyer says:

    That's what I use too. It works great. They do sell them here on but as a slightly different product, the lineman's belt.
    link to

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