NEW Rocky Tri-Season Apparel.

The name Rocky has been synonymous with well-made work and hunting boots for well over 50 years. For 2009, their clothing line-up will also feature the newly available Tri-Season apparel, which could become YOUR next favorite go-to gear.


NELSONVILLE, OH – Tri-Season apparel advances with better scent control and noise-dampening material, making it a great investment for the passionate, multi-season outdoorsman.

The soft, SilentHunter micro-suede fabric allows for complete silence in the woods while wicking moisture away from skin, keeping the hunter warm and dry. Tri-Season apparel also takes its styling cue from some extreme sports, providing versatility and extensive range-of-motion while continuing to remain comfortable and durable in the woods or on the plain.

The Tri-Season line carries Rocky’s ScentIQ Atomic technology, which helps to eliminate odor-causing bacteria, keeping  hunters concealed from even the best noses in the woods. Perhaps more intriguing, this technology requires that no special detergent, sprays, or other care is needed.

“Tri-Season apparel is a great key investment for all outdoorsmen because of its extreme adaptability,” said Sam Coalson, Rocky’s outdoor marketing manager. “This gear can be worn alone or as layers depending on the weather. It doesn’t need any special laundering to protect the ScentIQ™ technology, and it has numerous styling features that were made with the hunter-on-the-move in mind.”

A full line of shirts, jackets, pants, headwear and gloves are available NOW, ranging in retail price from $9.99 to $89.99. Featured in Mossy Oak brand camo.

For more information on this HOT new line of versatile hunting camo, or to see more from this manufacturer, please visit their website.

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