Food Plot Success! Corn, Beans, Brassicas & Buck Forage Oats

By Hunting NetworkSeptember 10, 200934 Comments

LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

I have to give my friend Jim Carlson a ton of credit for my food plot success this fall. He has coached me the entire way and I can't believe how great all of my plots are looking. I have already been dreaming of sitting over these plots when the time is right. I am totally convinced that it is going to attract more deer to my properties then ever. Here are some photos of how the plots look. Jim, thanks again for the help and letting me borrow your Great Plains no-till drill. What a great piece of equipment!

Key Points to remember for foodplot success!

1. You hear it time and time again – test the soil!  Having the proper pH level in your soil is critical for maximizing your plots.

2. Control the weeds to get the best tonage.  Round-Up ready corn and beans are great for this.

3. Timing , Timing, Timing – watch the weather and try to plant before it rains.

4. Plant different sources of food for different times of the year.  This provides you with different options to hunt over at different times of the season.

5. Buy good quality seed.  Don't spend all of your time working on food plots and put in low quality seed.  If you're going to do it, do it right!

6. Get yourself a copy of Farming for Wildlife, this magazine will get you pointed in the right direction as well.

Here I am preparing the no-till drill for planting my buck forage oats. I decided to do this last minute so the field that I am converting over to native grasses next spring would have some sort of food source for the deer this fall.

My corn is looking great as well. Thanks to Dave R. for the tips!


Here you can see my Brassicas are really starting to come in good.  I planted them the last week of August and with the recent rain and cool weather to retain soil moisture they shot up out of the ground in no time.


Back at home I've changed up a few things with my bow/arrow setup and I'm shooting dead on.  My new NAP BloodRunners are flying perfect.

Wisconsin opener is this weekend and you can bet I will be hanging from a tree somewhere with Justin! I have about 3 more loads of laundry to do so it's time to go.

Good Luck to all my Wisconsin friends!

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