Keep Your Fletchings More Secure with GOAT TUFF Products.

The idea behind fletching any arrow is simple, just make sure it securely fastens to the shaft. Accomplishing this goal isn't difficult, but can become a hunters worst fear while in the field. With the buck of a lifetime before him, a loss of a vane in arrow flight due to a faulty bond can become the difference between a happy homecoming and a discouraged one.

The first step, and perhaps the most important, in ensuring your vanes or feathers stay 'on board' this autumn is proper cleaning of the arrow shaft. This is where the new GOAT TUFF 'Arrow Shaft Cleaner Kit' can play BIG dividends in the prevention of such a disaster. Read below to find out more from a recent interview with GOAT TUFF products president, Jerry Smith.

Jerry Smith, President of GOAT TUFF Products made the announcement from the corporate offices in Tucson, AZ.                                                                                “One of the main reasons fletching doesn’t maintain a solid hold on the arrow shaft is due to the shaft not being properly cleaned. This is why we have introduced our new GOAT TUFF Arrow Shaft Cleaning Kit.” Smith continued, “Every arrow shaft must be cleaned well to ensure the fletching sticks regardless of the conditions and the last place you want to have failure is in the field. The Arrow Shaft Cleaner Kit is a convenient package that provides the quality products necessary to make sure your fletching stays where you put it – on the arrow shaft.”

Each kit contains a 2 oz bottle of concentrated cleaner for cleaning and degreasing arrow shafts, a 16 oz plastic bottle for mixing the concentrate with 14 oz of water and two microfiber cleaning towels for completely removing particles from shaft. The cleaner is pH balanced for maximum performance with GOAT TUFF Glue, is economic to use, safe and easy on the hands, environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

GOAT TUFF, making sure your fletching stays put.

GOAT TUFF Products offers a full line of cleaning and gluing products for the professional and home arrow maker.


  1. pest control says:

    I plan i fletching some arrows this year either after the season or before… it looks like fun and i am planning on using goat tuff glad to hear they have a cleaner.


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