NEW Reign Broadhead and why it Reign’s supreme.

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LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

EP Hunting introduces new high-speed REIGN Broadhead.

Leave it to two innovative Michigan bowhunters to make the first substantial breakthrough in modern broadhead design. Mike Mix and Doug VandeWater are fairly average guys, but they had the vision and tenacity to look at existing broadhead design and realize that while bow speeds have climbed in recent years from the low 200’s to well over 300fps, broadhead design had changed relatively little. Through trial and error, the two created a broadhead that eliminates the problems inherent in current designs and at the same time capitalizes on the higher speed created by today’s “hyper-bows”. They introduced The REIGN broadhead at the recent ATA Show and were amazed by the positive response and industry buzz.

Two innovations separate The REIGN from other broadheads. First is a rather blunt looking tip called a SHATTERHEAD™. Razor sharp on four sides, but featuring a much steeper angle than other broadheads. In testing, the partners learned that at higher speeds, the tip was able to act similar to a mushrooming bullet and literally explode bone outward on contact, clearing the way for little or no blade damage upon entry. SHATTERHEAD™ makes excellent sense when you consider the high-speeds of today's bow. No longer do tips need to pry, penetrate or wedge through big-game bone. At 300 fps, a stronger, steeper tip can literally blow it out of the way.

The second innovation is a pivoting, single-piece, two-blade design that features a patent pending, spring-loaded ball bearing mechanism that re-centers the blade after it pivots to get past bone on shots where bone is not center-hit. These two hunters learned that a fixed or mechanical head is radically thrown off course when a single blade contacts bone. It either grabs or bounces and both actions radically change the intended trajectory. SWIVELTECH™ allows the blade to move, re-center for maximum cut and not be thrown off it’s intended path. The arrow carries more energy into and through the body cavity and provides bullet-true penetration.


The two features combined may virtually rewrite the book on broadhead design in an age of faster and faster bows. The head is available in100grains and is 100% Stainless Steel.

We hope to have more information on this exciting new innovation to the world of bowhunting, real soon.

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