Rattle in YOUR next Big Buck with the BattleGround Remote Rattling System!

By Hunting NetworkAugust 31, 20092 Comments

LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

Calling a mature whitetail buck into effective bow-range is one of the most rewarding aspects in the hunting world. Weary bucks often hang back and travel down wind to keep them at a safer distance. It's getting them to commit that extra 10 yards that can make or break our day in the woods. B and C Hunt Stuff, makers of remote calling systems, believes it can help to bring your next buck that extra 10 yards you may need this season, with the Battleground Remote Rattling System, a rattling sequence with minimal movement required. 

Perfect for a decoy set-up! This is the calling system you always wanted!


A system for getting your rattling on the ground. You can now rattle on the ground from your treestand, either directly under your treestand or up to 75-feet away, with the extension kit. Now you can hold your bow or gun while rattling… with very little movement! No more bucks "hanging up" just out of range. You can get the sounds of rustling leaves and pounding hooves… the sounds that are not available by just rattling from up in your tree. Get the sounds on the ground where BIG deer want, need and expect them!

BattleGround Remote Rattling System: It's finally here!

The BattleGround Remote Rattling System retails for about 9.95. For more information or questions on this calling system check out the B and C Hunt Stuff website.

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