Operation Massive Tracks.

For the better part of the last month I have assigned myself to "Operation Massive Tracks".  In early June I was checking out the progress of the beans at one of my hunting spots and cut the trail of a great set of tracks.  The area I found these tracks in is a small portion of the field that is not planted due to the farmer not getting all of the new drain tile in before planting season begun this spring.   Next year this spot will be in agriculture again.

Since the discovery, I have been glassing the area roughly three evenings per week for the past five weeks and have had a trail camera monitoring a mineral site for the past four weeks. I have not had any results finding a clue to who left these impressive tracks behind yet.  I really can't say if these tracks were left by a buck traveling  through this property to his summer grounds else where or if they are from a local buck I just cannot get on.

Here you can see it (the track) is a little better than a four finger wide walking track at the widest point.

They are also a splayed four finger track from the dew claw to the leading edge of the track.  A slammer of a track on all accounts.

On the way out today from checking the camera I saw this guy hanging out catching the last little bit of nice weather before the heavy thunderstorms rolled through the area…  Sure hope he hasn't been feasting on my""massive tracks" buck that I cannot locate!


  1. Don Eime says:

    Nice write up man…….I got my fingers crossed for ya……Yer smart enough, you'll see him.

  2. Donnie Wright (Finch says:

    Good luck gettin' on that guy this fall, Scott.


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