Cold Weather Gear in 2009; PolarWrap ExChanger II means more comfort and longer sits.

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LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

Comfort while on stand just got a little easier in 2009, with the release of a new and more efficient face mask, the ExChanger II, from the people at PolarWrap. Available now in Realtree AP, this latest mask contains a patent thermal exchange module which keeps the warmth from exhaled air, and warms cold air as it is inhaled. We think you will agree, this could be a hunter’s best friend while in a cold treestand this fall.

PolarWrap Brings High Definition of Realtree® AP™ to High Performing Gear

For immediate release. . . Memphis, TN. . ..You can be more confident – and less apparent – in the outdoors, because PolarWrap now offers the versatile, high definition of Realtree® AP™ on its high performing Full Head Cover mask and ExChanger II mask.  Both PolarWrap masks contain the patented thermal exchange module, a technology which, by design, traps the warmth from exhaled breath and warms cold air as it is inhaled. 

“Combining our heat exchange technology with the high definition of Realtree’s® All-Purpose camo meets our goal,” says PolarWrap CEO, Tom Dickson, “To provide products that help our customers have a more satisfying outdoor experience.”

Keeping the body core protected from the invasion of cold air is key to cold weather comfort and safety.  The moderate efficiency module of the Full Head Cover and the maximum efficiency module of the ExChanger II are designed to provide excellent transfer of heat and water vapor back to the user during periods of moderate to active levels of exercise.  At freezing temperatures, the user is actually breathing 80 degree air!  The Full Head Cover and ExChanger II masks are perfect for hunting, fishing, wilderness treks – anywhere you want to enjoy the outdoors during cold weather seasons for longer periods of time.

The Full Head Cover and ExChanger II masks in Realtree® AP™ join PolarWrap’s full line of patented thermal exchange masks and the company’s patented aerogel-infused insoles and seat pads as the newest products to help make your outdoor experience comfortable.

For more information or to see the full line-up of products available by the people of PolarWrap, LLC, please visit their website. PolarWrap is a technology leader in cold weather comfort with the modern hunter in mind.

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