Bowhunting.com Get Together a Great Success

By Justin ZarrJune 29, 20096 Comments

LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

The very first Bowhunting.com Get Together was held this past Saturday and as we expected it was a great success!  Todd and I want to personally send our thanks to everyone who showed up and helped make this event as much fun as it was.  We also want to thank the companies and people who helped contribute to bringing it all together – Hank Lewandowski, Jim Fergus, New Archery Products, Pine Ridge Archery, Rinehart Targets, and Rut Junkie Apparel.  We couldn't have done it without you guys!  And a special thanks to "Bloodcrik" for making us those awesome rock trophies once again.  Those things are awesome!

Caleb finishing up his 3-D round shooting at the Rinehart Elk target.

Held at the Coon Creek Hunt Club in Garden Prairie, IL the GTG featured 4 organized shooting events; a 15 target 3-D shoot, a 65 yard Long Distance Shoot, an Exploding (or not so exploding) target/Clay bird shoot, and a Poker shoot.  All participants were broken into teams and rotated through their stations over the course of the day.  Lunch was provided by the great folks at Joe's Place in Marengo, IL and after-party beverages were brought by none other than Rick James and Mr. Dusty Bottoms.

Every member who pre-registered received a free event t-shirt. 

Staff member and Blog writer John Mueller showing off his 3-D course attire.  It was a little wet out there!

Local PSE rep Francis Amenta brought out the new PSE X-Force Omen and let anyone who was interested shoot it.  For being one of the fastest bows for 2009 I have to admit it was pretty quiet and vibration-free.  If you're a speed freak, you'll definitely want to check this bow out.

Congratulations also to forum member and good friend Dr. Andy who won the bow raffle.  Andy won his choice between a PSE Bow Madness and a Ross Carnivore bow.  As of this morning it appears that Andy has elected to go with the Ross, which will be ordered up today and should arrive shortly.  Congrats again, it couldn't have happened to a better guy!  And to top it all off, just before the drawing Andy chrono'd his old PSE and found out he was shooting the slowest bow at the GTG (215fps).  So I guess he really needed it!

This year's event winners were as follows:

3-D Smackdown:
1st – Matt/MO won a trophy rock courtesy of Bloodcrik, some Rut Junkie apparel, and most importantly bragging rights for the next year!
2nd – Rick James
3rd – Buckeye

Matt/MO showing off the form that won him this year's Smackdown champion honors.

The coveted 1st place rock!

Non-exploding Target:
Rick James won $100 cash and an Octane 2-piece quiver

Hank setting up the Clay Target shoot, which was the qualifier for the non-exploding target round.

Long Distance Shoot:
Dubbya aka "Dusty Bottoms" won a Rinehart 18-1 target

Poker Shoot:
Il_Bow_Man won a Bushnell Trail Camera

Congrats to all the winners, and better luck to the rest of us suckers next year!

Thanks again to everyone who came out and helped make this such a great event.  Next year we will have even more prizes and raffles so for those of you who didn't make it this year, start planning now!!  We will be posting additional photos and videos from the event this week as they become available so make sure to check back for updates!

The gang taking a break and getting out of the sun for a few minutes in the clubhouse.

CLICK HERE to view more photos, and we'll have some video clips posted up shortly!

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