Steiner Binoculars will bring you better visibility in 2009.

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A HUGE breakthrough in binoculars will mean sharper images on moving objects in low-light conditions for the big-game hunter this season. Steiner has once again revolutionized the industry with perhaps some of the most exciting news in optics this year. Read below and watch for these!

New Wildlife Pro ULTRA-SHARP 8×30 Binoculars from Steiner
Steiner Germany presents revolutionary new binocular focusing system

Moorestown, New Jersey (June 1, 2009) — Sharp focusing on moving targets or in low-light conditions has always been a problem for wildlife observers and even more so for law enforcement personnel. The new Wildlife Pro ULTRA-SHARP 8×30 binocular from Steiner Germany revolutionizes focusing and provides viewing with sharp images regardless of the situation.
This new focusing system consists of two parts. The first is Steiner’s Sports Autofocus System that is already a popular feature in several hunting, nature, and military binoculars made by Steiner. The Sports Autofocus System feature makes objects sharp without the need to manually refocus from 30 yards to infinity. When the object of observation can barely be seen and is difficult to focus on, this timesaving feature is critical to be able to clearly view the object.
The second feature of the new ULTRA-SHARP focus adds a fingertip adjustment. Similar to a traditional center focus, this new adjustment only requires a miniscule touch of the ribbed fingertip wheel to fine-tune sharpness or focus on nearby objects. It has a close-focus distance of six feet. The result of this new focusing system is a sharper picture faster than with any other binocular on the market.
The Sports Autofocus System also allows setting the binoculars for individual eyes, no matter what your particular eye condition may be. This is a one-time initial step. Adjustments for both the left and right eyes can be made, resulting in an exceptionally sharp image for all users.
The lightweight rubber-armored ULTRA-SHARP 8×30 binocular also features high light-transmission lenses allowing viewing in very poor light conditions. Available at sporting goods stores nationwide, this new binocular has a suggested retail price of $399.
Headquartered in Germany, Steiner has been an acknowledged leader in the manufacturing of quality binoculars since 1947. In addition to the outdoor, hunting and marine markets, Steiner provides products to military and law enforcement worldwide. Allied forces around the world, including the U.S. Army and countless law enforcement agencies, have made Steiner their binocular of choice.

Model           Name                             Field of View                          Weight                Approx. Retail
338               Wildlife Pro                  360 ft. / 1000 yards                        21oz                    $399.99


For more information, please visit their website.

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