MMA Star Brock Lesnar Teams up with Wildlife Research Center.

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LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

Press Release
For Immediate Release

Wildlife Research Center® – An industry leader in scent and human scent elimination is proud to announce that they are now an official sponsor of Heavyweight Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Champion Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar has been has been an avid enthusiastic hunter and outdoorsman since age 5, and he is proud to team up with one of America’s Top Brand® of scent and human scent elimination products, more specifically Wildlife Research Center’s® attractor scents, dispensers and Scent Killer® family of products.

As Lesnar explains, “to be successful you have to understand your opponent. I know that a deer’s nose is his best defense, and if he smells me he will run. By reducing human odor, Scent Killer® products give me an edge.” He went on to say that, “as a bow and gun hunter, I am honored to be part of the Wildlife Research Center® team and look forward to assisting in developing the brand and helping more hunters become successful.”

The MMA star grew up in Webster, South Dakota, where he went 33-0 in his senior year of high school wrestling. A four-time All American, two-time Big Ten Champion, and the 2000 NCAA Division I Heavyweight National Champion finished his collegiate record at 106-5! Brock even had a short stint with in the NFL with the Minnesota Vikings. In 2006 he returned back to the ring and began training for the MMA where he still triumphs today. But when asked where Brock is when he’s not fighting or training for a fight, his response was simply, “when I’m not fighting, I’m hunting. It is a great sport that both my wife and I enjoy.”
Wildlife Research Center® has been studying how deer relate, and react, to different scents for decades and is committed to providing information and state of the art products to help every hunter accomplish what they intend too.

For more information on the entire line of products offered by Wildlife Research Center®, please visit their website.

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