Bowhunting gear; The Release Light Plus.

The staff at Bowhunting.Com is always committed to bringing you news and reviews on some of the neatest little products on the market today. Below you will find what we think will be another cool, innovative item that many bowhunters might just want to take a closer look at this fall. We know the importance of the good flashlight, but check out this little beam!

The Release Light Plus, by 3B Outdoors.

The release light plus is a small light that attaches to the head of your release to assist you in locating your string loop and/or nocking your arrow in a low light situation.  Great for hunting in blinds and on field edges where there is shooting light in the field but fading light in your blind or tree stand.  It can also be used for locating items in your pack in the dark and finding your foot pegs when climbing up or down from your stand.  Never miss that low light hookup again!

The Release Light from 3B Outdoors The Release Light Plus, by 3B Outdoors, retails for about $8.99.


  1. That's pretty cool.

    Is gonna carry these?

  2. Sweet little product I can use for sure.

  3. I really like that. When are they going to be in?

  4. camaros says:

    wow that's pretty sweet, how much will they cost?

  5. japanese fashion says:

    I think it would be very useful for me in pointing my target. I have searched about this product of archery it’s not too costly. Its sale rate which I have searched is near by $8.26 and that would not be costly for anyone.

  6. register Cyprus comp says:

    Yah,definitely it will be great tool for pointing the target and moreover it's cheap as well,and at that price anyone can get it easily.

  7. pandemic 2 says:

    It is the perfect light for illuminating your string loop or bowstring in a dark blind or low light conditions. And it has plenty of other uses. And is handy all the time

  8. Tyler Overcast says:

    Is the release light on the market yet? If so where can I get them?

  9. Tyler Overcast says:

    Sweet little light. Where can I order it from? Is it on the market today?


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