Mend your camo and hunting gear in minutes with Camo Patch.

A.P. OutDoor Products is proud to announce the launch of its newest product, “Camo Patch.” Camo Patch is a latex based, nontoxic, cement that permanently dries in minutes and can be used to mend most fabrics and leather dear used by outdoorsmen.

To use, first shake well(test camo patch on a like fabric and adjust cap to prevent over application of cement, a little goes a long way.) Apply a thin line of cement to area of material where mend is needed and place a patch, press together firmly for a permanent bond. High performance fabrics (wind-rain-scent control) need to be patched on the reverse side, lined garments can be mended by placing patch between lining and outer material, once patch is in place, apply cement to patch, press firmly. Camo patch will dry in minutes. For best results, be sure that the material is clean and dry before applying cement. Once cement has dried, garment can be washed and dried. Camo Patch does no stick to your skin and easily rubs off. Be sure to close cap after each use and do not let cement freeze. Latex sensitive people should avoid contact with cement.

Camo Patch can be used to seal the seams on leather boots, instant mend of most fabrics and leather such as camouflage clothing, tree stand seats, ground blinds, and any other hunting gear item that needs mending or customizing. Camo Patch is so versatile it can be used to mend just about anything!

 I have to tell you after using this product to put patches on my son's jacket I was totally impressed. Here you can see I added the deer patch within 1 minute.

We will soon have this product available here on the site.



  1. This is just what the doctor ordered for some clothing help that is needed. Nice jacket btw where can I guy find one of those.:-)

  2. Ed Potts says:

    hey just got back from Alabama deer turkey classic.Camo patch did well down there, i walked around did not see you? I will be attending sportsmans fair in racine co fairgrounds sept 11th-13 hope to see u guys.

  3. this goes funny, i may get a look further to find out the detail
    anyway, thanks


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