Turkey Hunters; Realtree Outdoors presents All-Stars of Spring XVI

By Hunting NetworkMarch 23, 200910 Comments

LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

Realtree® Presents All-Stars of Spring XVI

Realtree® is cutting loose on All-Stars of Spring® XVI with some of the most remarkable turkey footage ever captured by the Realtree cameras. Travel with the Realtree camera crew and watch as the hunters test their turkey-taking tactics against a variety of gobbler species across the country. Your heart will no doubt skip a beat, or perhaps even two, when David Blanton unloads on a Merriam at only five yards!  Watch as special guest Richard Childress, a man of many talents, proves that not only can he run a top-notch NASCAR team, but he also can hunt with the best of them.  And that crazy Michael Waddell, well, you know what he's capable of doing with a call in his mouth and a 12-gauge in his hands.  With 23 hunts and plenty of gobbling action, All-Stars of Spring XVI is two hours of adrenaline-packed turkey hunting that will leave you grabbing for your gun in anticipation of your own go at the gobblers.  As a bonus, you'll get a complete episode of Realtree Road Trips®.

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