Ontario’s New Archery Non-Typical Whitetail Revealed!

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LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

Earlier this past month Bowhunting.com staff put together a brief story on an unbelievable whitetail buck that was said to be coming out of the Canadian providence of Ontario. With our limited resources and wild rumors that were popping up everywhere, it was difficult for us to discern the truth from the false. However, immediately following that brief story into what could become Ontario’s new non-typical archery record buck, the staff here was contacted by the hunter who wrote the story to begin with. Below you will find some of the very details that surround this amazing whitetail from up north. The staff and readers alike wish to thank you, Alex, for coming forth with this story and for graciously contacting us with the details. Thanks, and enjoy!


New Non-Typical whitetail buck taken in Ontario confirmed!


Hunting the border of where hardwoods abruptly met agricultural fields in the afternoon of November 20th, 2008, hunter Alex MacCulloch, was able to take this whitetail buck at a mere 20 yards! Although the hit was a solid one, Alex decided after a few hours of searching to back out and continue his search the following day. The next morning Alex had to nock a second arrow onto his Diamond, Black Ice, and put another shot into the nearly 250 pound whitetail. The buck expired shortly afterward. Alex reports that a doe had come by earlier and that his now legendary buck was likely following the scent trail of that doe.


The incredible whitetail has officially been panel scored after the mandatory 60 day drying period, and has come in at an astonishing 213 2/8 net non-typical, surpassing the previous non-typical archery whitetail record of 197 3/8 taken in 2001. Estimates by the taxidermist put this whitetail at an inconceivable 8 years of age! This begs the reader to wonder if this whitetail was actually no longer in his peak of antler production when he was shot. Could he have once been bigger!?


The hunting public will get to view this new archery non-typical buck this March at the “King of Bucks” outdoor show held at Bass Pro Shops in Toronto, Canada.


Bowhunting.com wishes to congratulate Alex and his incredible taking of this whitetail, and again we thank you very much for your generosity in letting us use this story here at our website for other bowhunters to enjoy. Readers interested in more of Alex’s story can check out North American Whitetail magazine, they will be doing a more comprehensive article of this incredible buck sometime this year. 

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