A walk, then a drive.

Went out shedn' today.   I put about 4 more hours on the boots during this outing.  I have nothing to show for it though but some muddy boot tracks in the corn fields….

With about 1 hour and 15 minutes of light left I could see the deer starting to come out into the field a few hundred yards away.  Knowing how rough our winter has been on the herd this year I quietly backed out and let them have the field.  I decided to go for a ride to finish out the day.

We have had between 1 and 2 feet of snow for well over a month and it just started melting off two days ago. The once again exposed ground really got the deer up and moving around.  About an hour of driving today yielded 72 deer sightings (not one deer was carrying any antler).  In comparison, I had saw maybe a dozen deer the whole month of January.  Seeing that many deer this evening with no antler what-so-ever gives me some extra motivation to get out there after the shed antlers before someone else or the rodents get them.

All of the deer that I saw today were either in cut corn fields or pasture type fields. What are you seeing in your area?

 I have to say though, it was nice to see some whitetail again!


  1. I apologize that this is a weird place for this…but by chance are you the Scott Abbott that used to hang out me in my basement? (Only thing I could think of phrasing without sounding to specific.) From, Jenna

  2. …forgot to add…wonderful write ups if it is you or not!

  3. Good to hear from you! I can be contacted at Scott@bowhunting.com.

  4. Matt Hensler says:

    Deer sightings are still maintaining at a steady rate since the end of bow season here, Scott. No sheds, yet, but only one hard day searching as of right now. I have a few nasty spots to get into yet, though. The main goal is finding a nice buck hangout. Sheds would be a nice byproduct, though.

  5. Did you get the email 🙂


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