’s 2008 Deer Contest Review

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LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015's first annual deer contest, which ran this past 2008-2009 season, is officially in the books. We would like to thank all those who contributed in this team competition and look forward to an even bigger and better turnout for the upcoming 2009-2010 deer season. Congratulations to all our teams!

The staff here at has selected just a tasting of some of the great bucks, and their stories, that were taken during this year's competition. With each joyful hunter, you'll find an unique and infectious story all of their own.

Opening this year's contest with a blast was Patrick Bailey and this fantastic P&Y qualifying blacktail buck! On the morning of September 2nd, while hunting some private land near his home in Josephine County, Oregon; the young hunter was able to make the last day of his 4 day trip count with a 20 yard double lung shot! All this after missing this  buck just the day before at 35 yards from the same Summit climbing treestand.


After nearly seven hours of falling rain in Clark County, Wisconsin, Dan Mater was able to make it out for those last few precious hours of light on the evening of October 5th. Knowing the deer would have been bedded all day, Dan decided to hunt one of his food plots. At about 5:30 pm this 118" buck gave Dan all the time he needed to send his 100 gr. Montec through the buck's vitals. After the 22 yard double lung shot, the buck piled up a mere 80 yards away! Dan was even kind enough to send us a trailcam picture he got of this buck just one month prior to it's taking.

Virginia native and hunter, Donnie Wright, was hunting an Oak flat during the mid-afternoon on October 13th. In only his fourth hunt of the season, Don was able to smack this Franklin County buck at 30 yards while shooting his '06 Bowtech Tribute. The near 90" whitetail had to be coaxed into range with several of Donnie's grunt calls.

Hunter Rob Poorman of Hughesville, Pennsylvania, was able to drop this pre-rut buck in his tracks in mid-morning on Halloween day. Rob will not hunt one certain area on his Lycoming County hunting grounds until he knows the bucks have begun cruising, looking for receptive does. It took just 3 grunts from his River Valley Deer Flute to pull the buck in on a string for the 8 yard shot! Rob's 82nd Airborne did the rest and the 106" whitetail tumbled within earshot.

Another Pennsylvania hunter, Ryan Williams, traveled across borders to Ohio during early November only to return home with this giant grin. During the first hour of the first day in what was supposed to be an all day, all weekend sit, Ryan was able to put his tag on this gorgeous 138" public land buck! At 7:30 am on November 8th, while following a doe, Ryan's in season scouting paid off BIG with a 10 yard shot from a stand site he had only hunted from once before! The early November hunt followed a quick moving cold front that plummeted temperatures 20 degrees cooler than the previous day!

Michigan police officer, Walt Eastling, makes the long 7 hour drive from his home in Allendale to his favorite hunting grounds in southern Illinois every November to chase monster whitetails. On the 21st day of this 25 day trip Walt was in his treestand rattling about every 20 minutes along a known deer bedding area. With winds howling at a brisk 30 mph, this awesome mainframe 10 made his appearance nearly 5 hours into the day's afternoon hunt. Clearly coming into the rattling, ears laid back, body hunched, the incredible buck gave Walt the perfect 12 yard shot! Walt's Grim Reaper broadhead did the rest and he was able to witness his deer fall within sight; all of this captured on film! The 163" buck was Walt's biggest to date and will be featured on this year's White Knuckle Productions video, Full Circle.

Trevor Embry, of Bowling Green, Kentucky, decided to bowhunt throughout the state's  16 day, 2008, rifle season. On the morning of the final 16th day, this 92" whitetail buck showed Trevor the perfect shot at only 17 yards. Trevor believes this was the same buck he had multiple encounters with throughout the season., even passing the buck at least one other time.

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