Wisconsin Whitetails; Bob Decker and Heath Tschumper’s almost World Records


During the whitetail deer season of 2008, western Wisconsin reaffirmed it's position as the place to be when hunting monster whitetail. A big buck hunters' paradise where two world class whitetail fell just days apart, separated by only county lines. It's safe to say, there is likely no better place on earth to hunt trophy whitetails than right here.

Bob Decker and the "Field & Stream Buck."

On November 1st, 2008 while hunting in Buffalo County, Wisconsin, hunter Bob Decker took this incredible whitetail buck that is now the new non-typical Wisconsin state record at 233 2/8". The buck, with 16 scorable points, had a 20 4/8" inside spread! Even more alarming, both main beams of the monster stretched the tapes at nearly 28" long! The buck, which was a bow harvest, was reportedly field dressed at 200 pounds and aged at a mere 3 1/2 years. Incredible to say the least!


This is the same whitetail buck that was captured on video on August 16th, 2008, by Buffalo County Outfitters owner, Scott Kirkpatrick. Shortly thereafter, the video was featured online with Field and Stream magazine, where the buck received it's nickname, the "field and stream buck". There is also some speculation that the distance from where the video footage was taken in regards to it's successful harvest was less than 1 mile.

Fast forward a mere 7 days and several miles south in the same coulee country area of  Wisconsin…

Heath Tschumper's GIANT typical.

At first light on the morning of November 8th, LaCrosse resident, Heath Tschumper, took this incredible mainframe 12 pointer at nearly 40 yards. A life long deer hunter, Tschumper was hunting this buck for several years. The Lacrosse County buck carried more than 6" antler bases and scored more than 42" of total mass measurements! Unbelievably only carrying a 17 1/2" inside spread, and still managing to green score 196 2/8"!

With a total of 15 scorable points, at first glance this whitetail buck was thought to possibly beat out Bob Decker's buck shot just a mere 7 days earlier, only 2 counties away! After it's mandatory 60 day drying period, Tschumper's giant typical is expected to net somewhere in the mid-180's, since it boasts nearly identical sides and 3 smaller non-typical points.

Bowhunting.com would like to congratulate both western Wisconsin bowhunters on two monstrous world class whitetail bucks. We'd also like to thank the photographers who helped tell the story for everyone else to enjoy as well. Congratulations again.



  1. Ummm… I need to hunt in western Wisconsin more.

  2. Dayne Shuda says:

    There is nothing like the excitement of hunting in Western Wisconsin.

    I live in Chippewa Falls and hunted near Fountain City for a few years(about 45 north of La Crosse) and there are great stories like this every year.

    It gives you an extra boost of energy to hunt better and more often knowing that your chance to take a trophy like these is the best of anywhere in the world.

    Thanks for sharing Bowhunting.com!

  3. DeerPassion says:

    Absolutely beautiful deer! I think I need to take a trip to Wisconsin…

  4. Wow, 2 awesome bucks. I remember all the hype about the field and stream buck when the video came out.

  5. wow, great hunting there. way to go to both yall.

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