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By John MuellerJanuary 27, 2009

LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

            Something new and unique I found at the ATA Show was from Mountain Mike’s Reproductions. It is an antler mounting system for either shed antlers or antlers from a deer you have killed. And they also have the Bone Collectors Series which uses your skull plate with the antlers still connected. This option keeps your trophy P&Y and B&C eligible. 



Everything you need in one package.

They come in kit form with 2 sizes of skull plate. One for large antlers and one for smaller antlers. For shed antlers you simply pick the proper size plate, clamp the antler in a vise or holder of some kind, line up the plate and drill a hole thru it into the antler and secure it with a wood screw. Repeat for the second side.


When mounting antlers from a harvested buck you will need to saw the antlers off of the skull plate. Saw them off flush with the burr. Then you simply follow the same procedure as with the shed antlers. This will make a nice finished European Mount without having to boil and bleach the skull. It will also save you from getting in trouble with your wife when you use her pots to do the boiling and stink up the house.


The bleached skull look without the boiling.



The Bone Collectors series lets you use the entire skull plate with antlers attached. You attach just the part where the antlers are located to the replica skull and leave out the boiling mess and still have a trophy that can be measured for the record books.


The coolest feature of thes products is the options you have for the finish on the skull. They have skulls dipped in everything from wood grain, to fall colors, to predator camo, the possibilities are endless and this adds a unique look to the skull mount.

Fall color dipped.



Wood grain dipped.

Predator camo dipped.

Be sure to check out the video showing you how to mount the antlers to the plate. These mounts will be available on our site shortley.


John Mueller
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