The 2009 BOWTECH Lineup

The 2009 BOWTECH Lineup

            One of the reasons I really wanted to attend this years ATA Show was to see the new Bowtech Lineup. I was recently accepted to their Hunting Pro Staff, so I wanted to get a look at their new bows and accessories. I also wanted to meet a few of the guys I had talked to on the phone when applying for the position. I don’t think I am being biased by saying Bowtech had the largest booth at the show and the most people staffing it too. It was quite the display of archery equipment.


The Bowtech shooting range.


Bows on display in the booth.


The staff writing contracts.


            The new bows are always the highlight of the ATA Show and Bowtech has 7 new models debuting for 2009. There are 3 new Center Pivot models that include the 31 1/16” ata Admiral, the 34” ata Captain and the 36 ¾” Sentinel. There are also 4 new traditional riser models including the 40” ata Brigadier, the 34”ata S.W.A.T., the 34 1/16” Sniper and the just released Air Raid. The Air Raid is so new it is not up on the website or in their catalog yet. Its specs. are 32 ¾” ata, 7” brace height, IBO 328-336, 26”-30” draw length, and 65,75 or 85 lb. draw weight. The following chart shows the specs. for the rest of the lineup.


            These bows come in a variety of camo options as well as competition colors including Firestorm Green, Purple and Red along with the Testarossa option, Black with Red Accents.


I shot a few of the bows while I was there and you cannot make a bad choice. There is something for everyone. You just have to find the bow with the features that you are looking for and one that fits your shooting style. The Admiral was a great shooter with absolutely no hand shock or jump, just a small thump at the shot. The Captain was just as smooth as the Admiral and the one that was waiting on my porch when I got home from the show. That was a nice surprise to come home to. Then I shot the new Air Raid and it has the feel of a slick shooting speed bow, maybe just a tad louder than the 2 center pivot bows but not by much. I then asked Bowtech’s pro shooter Matt Bressler to shoot a couple bows for me so I could get a couple of pics of them in action. He was more than happy to give me the demonstration and even cleared out the shooting range for me.



Bowtech Pro shooter Matt Bressler showing off the Sentinel.


Matt shooting the brand new Air Raid with its unique yoke system.


Bowtech also has an extensive line of casual clothing and logo caps. This is some very well designed and stylish clothes. Too bad Christmas is over I could have made a long wish list.

Bowtech clothing for every member of the family.




A Bowtech cap for every occasion.


            While I was at the booth I ran into a couple of our own Matt/PA and Greg/MO, both of whom are on Bowtech's Corporate Advisory Staff, and both hard at work.


Greg/MO giving the evil eye to the competition.


Matt/PA listening to input for a customer. 


  1. Rita Kopitzke says:

    Hey Jeff Hesse,
    I am looking for a camo sleeper 6-12 months for one of my co-workers who is expecting a baby boy soon. You have anything like that? If so how much and can I pick it up at Butchs?
    Love your Auntie Rita!


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