Stand Placement

Past 30 yards, bowhunting for whitetail deer becomes much more a game of luck and guesswork. Bucks change their minds and their direction of travel on a whim. One second everything looks good, the buck is heading toward your shooting lane. Then the next second he changes his mind, sees a doe or picks up his pace and you are immediately behind the curve, playing catch up. Then it’s over – your arrow still on the string. Man, I hate that helpless feeling. Wait a minute, that wasn’t supposed to happen. I need a mulligan here. However, everything is ten times easier when they are close. You have so much more margin for error.

When I see a nice buck approaching, and I realize he is going to pass at more than 30 yards, I start fretting, worrying and panicking. I immediately begin to fear what might go wrong. Too many important things are out of my control. But, when it appears he will pass within 20 yards, I start licking my chops. We’ll be eating back strap tonight. That is how much of a difference just 10 yards can make in this game.

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