October Whitetails

By Hunting NetworkJanuary 4, 200914 Comments

LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

You’re chomping at the bit. After months of dreaming about big bucks, and watching your favorite hunting videos repeatedly, the season is finally here. The temptation to dive right in and start hunting your best stands is like a moth’s attraction to fire. It’s almost irresistible, but it’s an equally fatal attraction.

October offers opportunities, but at times, it can be very tough. Rather than hitting your best stands with gusto and burning them out at times when they’re not very productive, take a patient approach to the entire season. Focus on the opportunities that October offers and avoid letting its challenges hurt your hunting later. October is just act one of a three act play. Forget about your November stands. To make the most of October you have to understand what the deer are doing at that moment and hunt them accordingly.

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