Late Season Strategies

We all want the rut to last until the end of the season, to keep the excitement going as long as possible. For most deer hunters, the late season hunting is more like an experiment than a true hunt. They dream that maybe this year it will be just as good as the rut, or heaven forbid, opening day. Maybe they will catch it just right. But, those dreams don’t last long and they quickly relearn that there is nothing easy about the late season.

Most days, the hunting is slower than molasses at the same time of year. The bucks have been scouted, bowhunted, gun hunted, shot at, driven and generally run into the darkest corners of the county. Now, it’s time to hunt them again. Oooh, the prospects don’t sound particularly good. Do you think the bucks are going to act the same way they did in early November? Forget it. By the late season, you are hunting an entirely different animal. It is a new game.

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