Cuddeback Capture IR Now Available!

Cuddeback Capture IRAfter a much-anticipated wait the new Cuddeback Capture IR digital trail camera is now in stock and shipping here at This camera features the same user-friendly functionality of the best-selling Capture model now with infrared no-flash technology.  Click here to purchase your new Cuddeback Capture IR camera.

Features of this new camera include a 25 foot infrared flash range, simple setup using the rotary dial system, adjustable triggering intervals from 30 seconds to 30 minutes, and extended battery life using 4 standard "D" cell batteries.  Both the Cuddeback Capture and Capture IR use standard SD cards, which are also available right here at

To purchase the new Cuddeback Capture IR click here.  To read reviews of the standard Cuddeback Capture click here.  Our full review of the Capture IR will be posted within the next few days, so check back soon for more information. 


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    interesting camera. thanks for Cuddeback Capture IR review

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  4. This looks like a nice camera..very powerful. I especially like the infrared feature.

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    Don't be fooled, this camera drains batteries weekly, has a slow trigger speed (would probably perform well where a feeder, lick, or scrape was present). It is not a trail camera unless you really want to see the tail ends and not the head gear. Beware, I have 3 brands of cameras and only one is truly trustworthy and it is the Reconyx RC60. I bought a Cuddeback and kept it for 3 weeks and exchanged it for my 2nd Reconyx. You won't see what your missing with a Cuddeback.

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    The Mino has many new features that the Flip Video did not have. This includes an internal rechargeable battery instead of 2 AAs and the Mino also has touch-sensitive pause, fast forward and rewind buttons whereas the Flip had none of these.

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