Adam Hays Shoots the “Moose” Buck!

By Hunting NetworkNovember 19, 20081 Comment

LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

Congratulations o Adam Hays of Whitetail Addictions TV on harvesting yet another awesome whitetail with his bow.  Adam has proven himself year in and year out to be a big buck magnet and has harvested more giant whitetails with his bow than many of us will ever see in a lifetime of bowhunting.  Here is the story it was told on the Whitetail Addictions TV website:
"After dreaming about getting a shot at Moose for 3 long years, it finally happened on October 28th.  I went out at 1 pm to hunt a stand for the remainder of the day but when I got there the wind had shifted. I decided to go check a couple of my Predator trailcams and after checking the first one, Moose had been right there 20 minutes earlier. He was in a 9 acre patch of some of the thickest stuff you can imagine. Figuring he would be in there till dark, I quickly returned to my truck, got ready, and headed in. I saw a half dozen does by 5:30 and they were all acting very nervous, I'm sure he had been bumping them around all day. At 5:45, Moose came in browsing through the thicket. After filming him for 3 minutes he finally moved through a small opening at 18 yards. Although the shot looked good, the sign on my arrow didn't. I backed out and took up the trail in the morning, he had only gone about 60 yards.
He has 19 scorable points with his longest tine busted off. My best guess is the tine was close to 14" long. After a very quick scoring job, we came up with about 190."
Congrats again to Adam on this fine buck.  We are looking forward to the full story on the next season of Lone Wolf's Whitetail Addictions TV show.  For more info please visit www.lonewolftv.com

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