Interesting doe encounter.

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LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

Saturday November 15th, I had a fairly interesting encounter with a lone mature doe….  The forecast for the day was for rain and wind, and boy was the weather man right on for a change.  The "mini storms" would come through one after another.  High winds and rain followed by a period of calmness.  Then again the wind would pick up and another storm cloud would unleash buckets on me.  It went on like this all evening.

This odd weather pattern didn't really slow the deer down though. I saw 4 does and 2 bucks for the evening, one being a good looking 2.5 year old 8 point and the other an average yearling. 

During a lull in the high winds and rain I noticed a doe paralleling me to my North.  She was making her way slowly but deliberately to the East browsing on some brush that was still holding it's golden autumn colored leaves.  I could feel the wind starting to pick up just as it had a few times already this evening.  Another rain cloud blew in with moderately heavy showers and wind gusts solidly into the mid 20's mph. 

As soon as the wind started to pick up the doe lifted her head from feeding and stood in the same spot statuesque for 20 solid minutes as the storm blew through.  From my vantage point 25 feet up and 20 yards away, it appeared she never moved what-so-ever.  I did not even notice her turn her head during the storm.  As fast as the storm came in – it ended.  She went back to feeding like nothing ever happened.

It was interesting seeing how she reacted to the change in weather patterns.  A lot of times during heavy showers we assume the deer are holed up in a thicket waiting out the storm, tonight showed me other wise.  I have saw a lot of deer over the years in rain showers but very few if any other than tonight in heavy showers.


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