Deer Hunting Scrapes – It Won’t Be Long Now!

Deer scraping is going on strong at my place in IL right now.  I found a hot scrape last weekend and set my Moultrie I40 trail camera up on it. I was pleasantly surprised this weekend by the results. I got pics of a quite a few different bucks using it. Most of the big guys were at night but that may change in a week or 2.

Here is a picture of a real nice 10 pointer I had an encounter with 2 weeks ago right at dark. I had him at 40 yards but couldn’t see my pins. At least he is still around.      

The Big 10

I got a few action shots of the bucks with their antlers in the branches too. I may have to change the I40 over to the video mode. It has that option built in.

I can almost reach it.

Giving it a thrashing.

Another visitor.

Big bodied 8 pointer.



  1. Dayne Shuda says:

    Those are great looking bucks. I've been seeing the same thing here in Western Wisconsin. The bucks are starting to move.

    I always find scrape hunting tricky. It seems the bigger bucks use them exclusively at night and by the time they are moving during the day they are already in the chase phase.

    Any tips?

    Good luck the next few weeks!

  2. John Mueller says:

    I'm gonna keep checking my cameras and hopefully will get some daylight activity. Or maybe back off of the scrapes closer to the bedding area and catch him as he leaves for the evening or before he gets back in the morning.

    Right now I'm not really hunting the scrapes. I am more hunting around the does in my food plots and using them for bait. The scrapes just happen to be under every branch that hangs into the field.

  3. james miller says:

    last few days weve seen more rubs and scapes.found a set of antlers from last year nice little 8 pt seen him last week at dusk 75 yrds followed by a spike. hope fully cold front coming friday will get them moving.san antonio texas

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