Tried Out My Hooyman Saw

Tried Out My Hooyman Saw 

            I received my Hooyman Saw a few days ago, and put it through the paces last night. I gave it pretty good test in the backyard.


            I was really impressed with the way it cut through small limbs. The angle of the blade to the handle lets it cut easily without having to apply much downward force.  Just pulling the handle straight toward me made the teeth of the saw bite right into the limbs. And the teeth on this baby are scary sharp.



These teeth really cut.


 They slice through 2” limbs in just a few strokes.


            The neat thing about this saw is the way it folds down to only 13” long.



Folds down really compact.


 But can extend to 5’ in length.

Extends to a full 5′



Making it just the right tool to have when climbing a tree with my climber for the first time. I can clear out those limbs that would have been out of reach with only a hand pruner. And I don’t have to carry along my 10’ pole saw. I don’t use a back pack so I put mine in the little pouch I have on my API Climber.



A perfect fit in my carry pouch.


 A perfect fit and it only adds about a pound and a half in weight.


            The extendable handle is made of sturdy aluminum and seems to hold up very well to the sawing action. On the other hand the handle that holds the blade is made of plastic. Not sure why they didn’t go ahead and make it out of aluminum also. I’ll have to get back to you on how well that holds up. No problems so far.


             I’ll be carrying my Hooyman along with me on my climber the rest of the season. To get one for yourself, click here


  1. Amy Wagner | Hunting says:

    That sounds like a fantastic blade, just watch you fingers when cutting 🙂

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  3. That's a cool saw I must say and it does too good works but I wonder why it has been named the honeymoon saw?Can anyone here clarify?

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