2008 season off to a slow start.

With a little more than a week of my 2008 Ohio archery season in the books, I don't have much to report.  The early season has been real slow for me with only 5 shot opportunities so far, two does, two yearling 8 points and a button buck is all that has come into shooting range.  After the first week last year I had 20 shot opportunities with a couple being decent looking two and a half year old bucks.  While shot opportunities isn't meat in the freezer or a slammer on my wall they can be a gage on how your season is panning out.

I have only hunted fresh setups with the wind blowing in my favor….  Sooner or later things will start to come together.  You cannot sit in good locations with proper conditions and keep striking out like this.  It is give and take, I have been giving my time and hopefully soon it will be my turn to take.  I decided to only sit where I feel I will have a chance at seeing a mature buck on the hoof during daylight hours and not necessarily where I will just see deer and my sightings are really lacking from it.  I believe once we get a little deeper into October this strategy will pay off.


Some fall colors.


  1. Justin Zarr says:

    Scott – one big sacrifice that I just haven't quite got up the nerve to make is specifically targeting mature bucks. Right now I set out with that goal, but it's not my only intended target. I will shoot a few does and am looking for a 3 1/2 or better, but even those deer aren't quite the challenge that a 4 1/2 or older deer is. As you pointed out pretty well, your overall deer sightings will suffer when hunting these older caliber deer as they have different travel/food/survival patterns. For now I'm happy with seeing deer, which keeps my head in the game and keeps me focused. I'm hoping to put a few more years and some more "good" bucks on my wall before I make that next step.

    Good luck this fall and keep us updated as we progress towards the rut. I'm interested to know what your thoughts are going to be after a few more weeks of this! 🙂

  2. Yup……….. that is my excuse too…

    hopefully it will pick up as the temps drop and they move a little more..



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